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A proper diet is a fundamental right reflected in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. It’s also recognised in article 25 of the Spanish Constitution and the European Social Charter, signed but not ratified by the Spanish government.

Arrels' stance

Arrels considers that everybody should have all meals guaranteed and that the most suitable place to enjoy them is at home. In the provision of food and food benefits, ways that can stigmatise people, such as the queues at soup kitchens, private or public, need to be avoided.

The context...

  • In Barcelona, there are soup kitchens in all districts of the city, offering hot meals for lunch. . The challenge now is to offer a hot dinner for everybody who needs it.
  • In 2012, more than 10.400 people used the public soup kitchens of Barcelona Council. .They are homeless people, people who live in accommodation where they cannot cook or who haven’t got enough income.
  • People living on the streets don’t starve to death, but they lack a healthy and balanced diet which guarantees a good state of health..

What does Arrels do to guarantee the right to food?

The soup kitchen

Arrels runs a soup kitchen which covers breakfast, lunch, afternoon snack and dinner for the people attended by the entity. Meals are prepared thinking about the health of people and also their religious beliefs. In 2014, more than 94.852 meals were served.

My basket

Once a week, people living in Arrels’ flats visit the soup kitchen to pick up food. The idea is to promote their autonomy and encourage them to have breakfast and dinner at home.

I learn to cook

Learning to cook easy dishes, sharing a good time with mates from other flats and recovering domestic skills is the purpose of the cookery course that takes place once a week in one of the Arrels flats.

Shall we have breakfast together?

Living on the street means suffering significant eating disorders, which are treated when the person starts his process of improvement. For that reason, the idea is that they eat three meals a day again and the habit of having breakfast together is promoted; with the flatmates in Arrels’ flats, with the users of the Pere Barnés Residence or with the participants of the professional training workshop of the entity.

Meal vouchers

Some of the people attended prefer having a hot lunch or dinner in restaurants or bars of the local area. To cover this demand, Arrels provides vouchers.

Who is having Christmas dinner with me?

For many years, Arrels has been celebrating Christmas Day with a dinner where homeless people, workers and volunteers participate. We all like to have lunch or supper with somebody else, especially on special occasions like Christmas.