Book ‘Cent x Cent Carrer’ by Pere Escobar


You have definitely walked by them and you didn’t see them. Or you pretended not to. Wrapped up in rags and cardboard boxes. Between badly done packages and maybe some carton of wine. You have definitely stepped back when you were about to enter into an ATM vestibule and you saw one sleeping there, looking for a security that doesn’t exist. Maybe you haven’t even thought about this but, if you did, you would be convinced that such a thing would never happen to you. The bad news is that there is no cure for homelessness. And worse news, it can happen to anyone.’ With these words, the author and journalist Pere Escobar describes his book Cent x cent carrer [One hundred per cent street], which is a collection of 43 stories about living on the streets.

This book’s testimonies have ended up on the streets through very different ways. Some of them, as if it were an unavoidable destination; some others, as a dramatic solution to a usual domestic situation: drugs, gambling, alcohol, etc., and also because of an unfavourable divorse, adultery, a dearly departed, a depression, a case of bullying. No one is immune to this scourge that is affecting our society. If a year ago we presented the perception of the city of Barcelona through hundred distinguished of its inhabitants, it is also good to know the opinion and the lives of those who know it better: the people who suffer from the city every night and still love it.


  • Author: Pere Escobar
  • Photography: Juan Lemus
  • Year: 2019
  • Language: Català
  • Format: Softcover with cover flaps. 208 pages. Black and white.
  • Dimensions: 25,5cm x 18 cm (10 x 7 inches)
  • Weight:757g (1.66 lbs)

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