The Little Prince Notebook (A6) Hand-bound Notebook


Lined with a print that anyone, young or old, will love, The Little Prince notebook has been hand-bound in the Arrels workshop by people who live or have lived on the street, and reminds us that “Anything essential is invisible to the eyes”.


Feeling useful is important and investing your time in what you think is useful is also important. The Arrels workshop is a meeting space where artistic work becomes an excuse to form bonds and work on social and personal skills such as trust, respect and coexistence.

Buy a The Little Prince notebook and shout with us – #nobodysleepingonthestreet!


  • Measurements: A6, 11cm x 15cm
  • Format: hand-bound, smooth sheet.
  • Texture: Hard cover, lined with paper with illustrations of The Little Prince and with gold motifs.
  • Weight: 200g

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