African Hand-bound Notebooks (A6)


The Arrels workshop is full of color to celebrate its twenty-year history! We’ve turned African fabrics with their vivid patterns into beautiful notebooks hand-bound by people who live or have lived on the streets in the past.

Feeling useful is important and so is investing your time in what you think is useful. With this objective in mind, the Arrels workshop was created in 2001, through which more than 300 people have passed with their stories of life on the street. Artistic work allows us to generate bonds and work on social and personal skills such as trust, respect and coexistence.

Acquire a notebook from the new collection and collaborate with our challenge to make sure that there’s #nobodysleepingonthestreet!



  • Measurements: A6, 11 x 15cm
  • Format: hand-bound, white sheet.
  • Texture: Hardcover, lined with african fabric of vivid patterns.
  • Weight: 200g

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