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I want to collaborate and help to make possible #nobodysleepingonthestreet

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One night of accommodation and social attention.


Shower service for 30 people.


Food for 10 people during one day.


Monthly rent for a flat and provisions.


You decide just how much we can achieve together.

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00 34 93 551 48 34

Straight accounting

Other ways to make your donation

Triodos Bank
ES28 1491 0001 2921 4275 8115
For donations from outside EU, please add swift code before account number: TRIOESMMXXX

La Caixa
ES43 2100 0975 2802 0006 5046
For donations from outside EU, please add swift code before account number: CAIXESBBXXX

Calling the number
00 34 93 551 48 34

Bizum: 33471

1. Open your bank’s application and click on: Send a Bizum.

2. Choose the option Make a donation / Contribute to a charitable cause.

3. Add the entity code / campaign code: 33471. Check that Arrels Fundación automatically appears as recipient.

4. Write the amount of your donation and the required data. Tap Confirm.

Thanks for your donation!