We defend rights

Homeless people see many of their rights violated. First and foremost, the right to housing is the most evident. However, living on the street also implies not having the right to privacy, to rest in adequate conditions, to hygiene, to have the basic needs to maintain good health, or to use public space in a recreational manner.

In addition, homeless people are often victims of aggression: 46% of them report having suffered some form of physical or verbal aggression; their rights to personal integrity are constantly violated.

At Arrels, we work to defend the rights of homeless people. We raise awareness about the situation and the risks they face. We accompany them, make sure they know their rights and ensure they are respected.

What do we do at Arrels?

We provide legal advice

Homeless people often need guidance to resolve administrative issues such as processing pensions, appealing fines, managing embargoes, or handling immigration matters. Our legal team advises them on criminal, civil, or family law matters and ensures they can resolve them.

We defend collective rights

As an entity that works with people who live on the street, we act as popular accusation in judicial proceedings that affect those who we accompany or their collective rights. We also intervene in cases of hate crimes or when people need support to ensure their right to defense and equality before the law.

We promote a change in legislation

The current legislative framework has a direct impact on the situation of homeless people, who are often not taken into account. At Arrels, we promote legislative changes in order to guarantee that homeless people have access to basic rights, just like the rest of the population does have. We work to promote a Homelessness Act, the Equal Treatment Act, and collaborate with the academic world to raise awareness about the legal situation of homeless people.

We engage in legal advocacy

Our legal team intervenes in cases that may violate human rights and engages in strategic litigation to support homeless people. We also work to establish judicial mechanisms to ensure the equal right of defence for everyone. We conduct reports to study legal situations of vulnerability and provide solutions to these issues.

We engage in social advocacy

As we accompany people on a daily basis, we always make sure they are aware of their rights and can exercise them. We also educate the general public about the fact that no one chooses to live on the streets, that having to sleep rough is a violation of many rights. We conduct studies and reports to make it visible. Finally, we work to create policy proposals that make a change in the situation of homeless people, as well as promoting changes in public policies that affect their situation.