Some previous considerations

  1. Achieving that a person stops living on the street does not happen overnight.
  2. It is a social attention, not a police matter. A person can’t be taken off the street by force.
  3. Do not get frustrated if the person you see on the street is still there tomorrow.
  4. City Council’s and social entities’ teams will probably know this person.
  5. It is better to offer a conversation than money. But do as you consider.

What to do if you see someone on the street?

  • If you always see this person at night in Barcelona, you need to call the street teams of the City Council. Tel. 93 256 66 50 | Website. You can also call 112.
  • If you see this person during the day in Barcelona, you need to call the street teams of the City Council. You can also advise Arrels through the Arrels Tracker. With this alert, we will activate our street teams and we will network with other street teams of the city to see the best way to confront the situation. Remember that the Arrels’ street team only works in Barcelona and visits, first and foremost, those people who find themselves in a most vulnerable situation. To warn us, you can also download the Arrels Tracker app. Here you have Android and IOS version.
  • If you see children at night sleeping on the street call 112 or the Social Urgencies and Emergencies Centre of Barcelona calling 900 703 030.
  • You can also inform the person who is on the street that he can ask for help at the Social Insertion Service.
    Address: Paseo Pujades, 29 | Tel. 93 256 66 50 | More information.
    or address the person to a neighbourhood’s social services centre: Social services of Barcelona.
  • If the person you see on the street does not want to listen or it is difficult to speak with him, you can call the Social Insertion Service (SIS,Tel. 93 256 66 50). You can also get in touch with the City Council of Barcelona through the online service IRIS or call Arrels.
  • If you see a homeless person laying on the floor and you suspect he can be sick, call 112.

What can you do when it gets cold?

Throughout the cold months, in Barcelona, there are two options:

  • A short-stay centre (Centre d’Estades Breus, CEB), a resource with 75 places located in c/ Llacuna, 25 and opens the colder months: since the 17th of December to the 17th of March. You can go straight and anytime.
  • When the temperature reaches 0ºC in Barcelona, the alert phase of the cold operation is activated because it is considered dangerous for the person. In these days, it is expected that 325 emergency places will be opened in facilities located mainly in the districts of Sant Martí and Sarrià-Sant Gervasi. You can ask for more specific information at Centre d’Estades Breus (c/ Llacuna, 25).

What do people who have lived on the street say?

  • Stop and speak with the person. Sometimes, chatting and listening to the person who lives on the street is more useful than giving money or material things.
  • Giving money. Here in Arrels, we cannot tell if it is useful or not giving money to a person that is living on the street, do as you consider. We have talked with homeless people and they have told us that it really was useful because it helped them at a precise moment.
  • Giving food. We have asked homeless people about this subject and they said that it also helped them. In case the person is sleeping, it better not to wake him up.