In Catalonia, hundreds of people live on the street because they do not have a home where they feel protected. They also live in our neighborhood and we often see them when we go out shopping or when we return home.

Your action can make a difference, here’s what you can do to get involved!

How can I contribute?

Approach and guide homeless people

We propose you to stop looking at them and lose the fear of approaching them. Can you imagine greeting them every morning by name?

Make a donation

We count on you to continue offering accompaniment and decent housing to vulnerable people we know.

Make a donation and contribute to make #nobodysleepingonthestreet possible.

Give a gift or treat yourself with Arrels products

In the Arrels store, you will find handmade details made in the Arrels workshop, books that raise awareness about homelessness, t-shirts illustrated by committed artists, household items and accessories that shout #nobodysleepingonthestreet.

Join us as a volunteer

Volunteers are a key part of Arrels’ work to provide support, offer useful services and build deeper connections with the people we serve.

We share our volunteer opportunities. If you would like to collaborate, you can write to explaining who you are, what task you are interested in and your availability.

Have you seen someone sleeping in the street?

Through the Arrels Tracker, you can let us know if you see a person living in the street. The alert goes directly to our street team.

1€ a month to support homeless people

Have you heard of Teaming? It’s a platform that allows you to make micro-donations to collaborate with social causes.

Join Arrels through Teaming and donate 1€ per month, which will be used to offer support and useful services to vulnerable people we know.

Collaborate to map hostile architecture

Individual benches, concrete balls, bars… These are some examples of hostile architecture that we find in big cities and represent a violation of rights for homeless people.

From Arrels we demand inclusive cities and residential solutions so that no one has to sleep on the street and we invite you to make visible the barriers in your environment in social networks and in this collaborative map.