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The problem

There are more than 3,400 homeless in Barcelona

How does someone end up on the street?

Nobody ends up on the street from one day to the next; his situation gets worse with time. Neither is there just one cause. The reasons are many and varied: some depend on the person and others have to do with our society.

Reasons that lead someone to the street

Structural Linked to the economic process, the housing market and migration movements.
Institutional Linked to social services, help mechanisms and institutional proceedings.
Relations Linked to the family situation (for example, a divorce or a relative’s death).
Personal Linked to education, age, dependence and health.
Discrimination or lack of a legal status Linked to the specific situations of immigrants and other minorities, like the Romany community.
In the Spanish State, the National Institute of Statistics published at the end 2012 a survey about homeless people carried out in integral homeless shelters which asked about the reasons that lead someone to live on the street. It was noted:
45% loss of job
26% unable to pay housing
21% separations


Figures and situation

In the European Union 30 million citizens haven’t got dignified housing, of which 410.000 lack a home.

In Spain, for every 100.000 citizens there are, at least, 71 homeless people. In 2012, 23.000 homeless people were attended in integral homeless shelters. According to the European classification ETHOS, which states that not having a home includes more situations than sleeping rough, in the Spanish State there are more than 1,5 million people who lack a home, according to information of the Foessa foundation.

In Catalonia, about 37.000 people suffer serious housing problems, of which 11.500 don’t have a home, according to official numbers.

In Barcelona there are more than 3.400 homeless people. The Xarxa d’Atenció a Persones Sense Llar (Network of Attention to Homeless People) affirms that 1.026 people sleep rough; 415 people use irregular settlements and 2.006 people depend on public and private resources to spend the night.