Straight accounting

Arrels seeks to be a responsible, efficient and opened entity with the economic incomes it receives. Most of these incomes arrive thanks to all the unpaid donations from partners and donors who are part of a wide and secure social base that allows us to act without any constraints.

Economic data: 2017

The total income in 2017 amounted to 3,342,671.87 euros.

  • Public funding: 32.76%
  • Private funding: 67.24%



Where does our income come from?

In 2017, the income has mostly come from partners’ payments (regular donations) and from occasional donors (one-off donations) who have supported Arrels’ labour (44.01%). They also come from local and autonomous administrations (32.77%), from some companies (2.93%) and from some collaborating foundations (2.41%).


How have we separated our expenses?

The total of expenses for the year has amounted to 3,341,429.21 euros. 76.09% has been invested in directly attending to homeless people, especially in covering housing and social support needs (54.35%), in services of first reception (17.03%), and in our occupational workshop (4.71%).


The remaining budget has been used to organise awareness-raising and political advocacy campaigns (11.35%) and to guarantee the maintenance of the entity’s structure and the coordination of the voluntary team (12.56%).


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