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What can you gain by collaborating with Arrels?

Arrels works to transform the lives of homeless people who live in Barcelona, but it can’t do it by itself. Support from administrations and citizens is crucial, and so is that from companies as well.

Our entity wants to work with companies and communities to raise awareness about the reality of homeless people among their management teams, professionals, clients and suppliers. All this with a philosophy based on the values of respect, solidarity, accompaniment to people, volunteering, dignity and autonomy.

Together, we can help change situations and contribute to a better society!

How can you collaborate?

  • Give economic support. To rent a flat, sponsor a place in the pre-labour workshop, to contribute to the activities and daily services of the day centre, set up a new laundry… Take a look at everything that can be done.
  • Encourage your workmates to hold a company meeting, a dinner, a party or simply put aside the price of a coffee in favour of an Arrels project.
  • Create a solidarity challenge and invite your family and friends. It can be a fun run, an excursion… whatever you want! Moreover, you can link your challenge to some of the projects we haven’t been able to do yet due to a lack of funds.
  • Corporate volunteering with workmates. Twice a year, in May and December, Arrels offers the workers of companies the possibility to do a one-off and specific volunteering task in the entity. Some volunteering tasks could include: painting facilities, participating in raising awareness actions, etc.
  • Do “my street route”. Share with a person who has lived on the street their personal route through Barcelona: where did he sleep; where did he eat; where did he wash himself. It’s a way of seeing our city through different eyes. (Groups of 10 people maximum).
  • Work one day for Arrels. Devote the salary of one day to strengthen our projects in favour of the homeless people. A tiny gesture can lead to changing many situations!
  • Organise a charity collection of jeans and shoes. Clothes are always needed in Arrels’ wardrobe, especially jeans (sizes 40-48), shoes and trainers (sizes 42-46).

And after collaborating, what?

A collaboration with a company or group isn’t just about an isolated action. The objective of this joint work is to raise awareness and search for new collaboration paths. For that reason, in Arrels, we…

  • Explain the good practice of collaboration through social networks.
  • Provide material to organise activities in favour of homeless people.
  • Hold an annual meeting with companies and collectives which support us, to share experiences and join forces.