#TheFuckingGif: if we all collaborate, the cycle can be broken!


Arrels is launching The Fucking Gif, a gif to go viral on the web in order to raise awareness about the reality of people who live in the street and give a clear message: if we all collaborate, we can break the cycle of poverty. The objective is to reach citizens of Barcelona and specifically the people from other countries that live in the city and want to get involved in a local cause.

“Living in the street is like a endless loop, like a vicious circle that convinces you that it’s impossible to get out.” This is how illustrator Miquel Fuster describes his experience on the street, where he lived for more than 5,000 days. For a person who lives on the street every day is the same. They lose the notion of time and the hope of being able to get out of their situation. But this cycle can be broken with the help of everyone.

With that being said, at Arrels we are launching The Fucking Gif, a campaign that invites the citizens residents to break the loop of these gifs and the situation of people who are homeless by clicking and joining the cause #nobodysleepsonthestreet. In particular the effort hopes to reach people from other countries who live and work in Barcelona and want to get involved in local causes.

A Gif is a short video that lasts a few seconds that is posted on social media and keeps repeating itself. The Fucking Gif is a series of Gifs that show the everyday life of people who live on the street: getting ready to sleep on the street, sitting in a bank, washing themselves in a public fountain.

Although they seem like any other Gif, the videos of The Fucking Gif have a something special: they are the first that can be broken if you take a side and share the initiative.

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