"I draw so I don't forget"

15 years on the street.

“With the same speed with which the traces of war disappear from the face of the earth, the remembrance of the horror of the memory of men can also disappear. I do not want to forget. The past fascinates us like a mirage in the sad afternoon. My past, a long dream revived in the twilight, an endless series of catastrophic landscapes vomited from the enormous mouth of the night.

I have opted for this form of poetic graphic novel that, because poetry is the purest form of art, lends itself to greater flights of imagination and tenderness.

I live my past in my present. The abhorrent life that I lived yesterday, I can continue to relate to today. It is the existential drama of those thrown into the street. It is the sordidness of a personal tragedy headed for the great misery that, for whoever has survived it, will be engraved on his face and soul for the rest of his days. A disconnected, enigmatic world, in an inexplicable silence and solitude, with a tension that foretells of actions of an unstoppable violence. A world full of retaliation, affliction and pain.

It is the horror, the fear caused by the things that swarm around us, those things that are familiar to us and that, suddenly, become strange and dangerous, beyond our control. Moving aimlessly through the nocturnal city, where the shadows are stand out insidiously and the darkness creates the scene of a threatening nightmare. Trust only in oneself. Being alone, choosing isolation as a strategy of resistance. Like a silent slave, you will fight by shredding the pain between your teeth. And we will never see a light as pure as that in the moment that the links of the broken chains are illuminated.”

You can discover Miguel’s story in this video from the #1milliodegracies campaign and in this video from the Homelessfonts project: