International typeface provider Monotype will distribute and give to know five typefaces of five homeless people, in the marc of the Project The cooperation agreement between Monotype and Arrels Foundation will be presented on the International Conference of Typografy -ATypI, that currently takes place in Barcelona. started last June, after a process in which, through different workshops, about a dozen people who lived on the street wrote their font and designers and partners experts digitalized it. Since then a total of 184 typefaces have been sold to individuals and companies all over the world. Benefits will be invested in different Arrels Foundation projects for homeless people in Barcelona.

In this context, Monotype Imaging Holdings Inc Company, a leading typeface provider, will distribute five of the actual typefaces offered by The announcement of the partnership between Monotype and Arrels Foundation, main driving force of, will take place during the annual conference of typeface – Atypl, which until the 21st of September will assemble in Barcelona typeface experts and graphic design all over the world.

“When first started and we became aware of it, we thought it was great. At Monotype we try to participate in social causes at a local level, as food banks or Paralympics Games. We also like to support causes or projects to do with our business; and we have collaborated with street newspaper for homeless people”, says Bill Davis, Monotype spokesman.

Who uses words in HomelessFonts and what for? offers now five fonts of five homeless people – Loraine, Luís, Francisco, Guillermo and Gemma-, and by 2015 they are thinking in offering five more. This project is possible thanks to the collaboration of the ad agency The Cyranos McCann and the promoter Oxígeno.

Typefaces can be used in corporative image and publicity materials (such as papers, packaging, web sites, etc) and in social networks. Some of the sold typefaces have been used in Australian edition of The Big Issue magazine, made by homeless people; in windows of 500 shops of the glasses trade ArtLife; and in the corporate image of the olive oil trade Valonga.

“One of the main problems of homeless people is their social invisibility. With we wanted to change this and transform homeless words in something positive”, says director of the Arrels Foundation Ferran Busquets. “The benefit is double because we make people aware about homeless reality and widen, in an imaginative manner, funding ways for our projects”.

How can you get a typeface?

One can get HomelessFonts typefaces by two different ways.

  • One way will be for commercial trades and agencies. They can download them in different Monotype web sites –,, and, at the price of 49.99 Euros and with a 50% discount from October 18th.
  • Another way is to download them straight away from the same web site of, with two different prices, according to the use that customer wants to make. In the particular case –for example, documents and rapports, designs and marketing with limited copies-, typefaces have a price of 19 Euros and can be downloaded to one computer. For professional use –publicity and business-, price is of 290 Euros and can be downloaded to more than just one computer.

Who is Monotype?

Monotype Imaging Holdings INC is a company who provides typefaces, technology, apps and consume devices, all over the world. It’s also a driving force of some of the main used fonts, like Times New Roman, Helvetica and Universe. It has been working for 125 years and its web sites offer 162.000 fonts and typefaces; in 2013, these portals received more than 68 million visits from over 200 countries.

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