What do we want?

Since 1987 our objective is:

  • Attending homeless people who face the most consolidated phases of social exclusion so that they can be as autonomous as possible again.
  • Raising awareness among citizens about the reality of homeless people.
  • Reporting unfair situations and making suggestions to help transform the reality of social exclusion.

Els valors que ens mouen

  • La voluntarietat
  • La personalització
  • El respecte
  • L’acompanyament
  • La dignitat
  • L’autonomia personal

How do we work?

We attend homeless people with daily contact and experience, tackling situations, but also their causes, with an integral approach.

We are an entity where everybody collaborates. Homeless people provide knowledge through their experience and critical view, the volunteers team makes it possible to rebuild bonds with the most vulnerable people and the professionals add their technical skills and the continuity of the processes.

We like finding out about projects and initiatives from other countries aimed at homeless people to learn new methods of intervention and adapt them.

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