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Proposals to make #nobodysleepingonthestreet possible

The information we obtained from the interviews with people sleeping on the streets in Barcelona should be used to review and improve resources, challenge policies and procedures that already exist and to promote new, useful courses of action aimed at addressing the realities of people who are sleeping on the street. At Arrels we have already started our work and have prepared a series of proposals in the context of the city.


Annual Report 2016

Most of the people who read this have a key near them, that if forgotten somewhere would generate discomfort. We cannot imagine what it means to end the day and not have this key that opens the door to our home and our personal or family intimacy. This daily action is an unreachable challenge for over 941 people who sleep every night on the street of Barcelona. But the option of having a key is possible if we add an indispensable ingredient: the citizen’s will.